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The Barutha Assyrian Language Centre was formed in November of 2005 as a non profit organisation for the advancement of the Assyrian Language (Syriac).  The centre is named  in honour and memory of the late Mr. Eshoo Barutha who spent about 30 years compiling an English to Assyrian dictionary which he completed a few days before his passing.  This dictionary is currently undergoing a thorough review by a panel of language experts, and will be published by the centre following the completion of the review process which is planned to be around the middle of 2008. The dictionary will provide translations from the English language to Assyrian in both Classical Syriac and Modern Assyrian.

The centre is registered with the NSW Department of Fair Trading (Australia) as a non profit organisation, and uses the “Model Rules” of the Associations Incorporation Act, 1984.

We are not affiliated with any religious, social or political or any other entity. However, as we stand for the advancement of the Assyrian language and culture and the preservation of the identity of the Assyrian nation, we will cooperate with organisations and individuals that share the same values to achieve the objectives of the centre.



The present members of the centre are listed in the following table. Mr Philimon Darmo has been a pillar of the Assyrian community in Sydney, Australia and elsewhere. We are honoured that he is a member of this centre. Mr Hirmis Joudo is recognised by many Assyrian scholars as an authority on the Assyrian language, and we feel fortunate to have him with us.






Miss Mary Joseph


Mr Philimon Darmo

President, Overall coordinator of the Barutha Dictionary Project


Miss Khanna Barutha



Mr Albert Oshana



Mr George Gewargis

Vice President




1.  Publishing of Dictionaries in the Assyrian language the first of which is the English to Assyrian Dictionary written by the late Eshoo Barutha.

2.  Publishing of literature in or related to the Assyrian language.

3.  To serve as a centre to archive other published and unpublished works in the Assyrian language that may otherwise be lost.

4.  To produce fonts, keyboard layouts and other language resources for use by the public, Universities and scholars to produce work in the Assyrian language. We believe this will help to standardise the use of fonts and help simplify the exchange of documents.

5.  The development of online tools to assist the public in understanding and using the Assyrian language.

6.  The centre will act as a forum for people to submit articles and other work related to the Assyrian language and culture.


Principal Activities

1.  Co-ordinate, fund, promote and publish works in or related to the Assyrian language.

2.  Raise funds to support the objectives of the centre. Fundraising sources can include Government grants, private business sponsorships, donations, proceeds from the sale of dictionaries and other language related products, and advertising revenue.


Copyright (c) 2006 Barutha Assyrian Language Centre Incorporated. All rights reserved.  Information on this web site is provided without any warranty either expressed or implied. All reasonable care is taken to include accurate and up to date information but no responsibility is taken for errors or omissions.