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In this area of the website we publish articles some of which we author, and others are contributed by the public. The articles must be as follows:

  1. Must be related to the Assyrian language and culture.
  2. Must not be offensive.
  3. Must be based on facts.
  4. Must not be divisive in nature.
  5. Must be educational and motivating.
  6. Must be written with good quality English or Assyrian. Articles in Syriac must use Syriac based fonts such as those provided on the Downloads page of this website and the Meltho fonts downloadable from http://www.bethmardutho.org/meltho/
  7. In addition to the body of the article, it must contain the author's name, article date, and references.
  8. Must not be more than 10 pages long.

We are seeking contributions from the public of quality articles in several categories to include in this section of the website. The articles must be either in Microsoft Office format or in Open Office format (available for free download from  ).

Articles must be submitted by Email to info@barutha.org . Any image files used in the article must be attached. We will assess all articles against the above criteria, and advise the author on whether or not it is acceptable. If acceptable, we will advise the author of any required changes. The articles will be published in PDF file format. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

All printable articles published on this website are in PDF file format. To view or print these documents you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.  Get Acrobat Reader

In the future we will also include articles in audio and video formats

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