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We are seeking submissions of quality articles in several categories to include in the Articles section of this website. Your help will be appreciated.




Your Support will help us continue this work. Any amount will help and will be greatly appreciated.


The Centre is committed to providing quality resources to help and encourage the production of literature in the Assyrian language. We have produced a number of fonts, a keyboard layout, and installation and usage instructions that can be freely downloaded below. Some of these fonts are based on fonts developed by Mr. Eshoo Marcus. We wish to thank Mr Marcus for giving us permission to enhance, use and distribute these fonts. We have started with a small number of fonts and we will progressively add more.

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Please note:

These downloadable files below have been thoroughly tested but are provided without any warranty. All care has been taken to ensure the downloadable files on this site are virus free and will not harm your computer. However, should you decide to download and use any of these files, you will be doing so at your own risk. The Barutha Assyrian Language Centre or any of its employees or contractors will take no responsibility for any damage to your system or loss of data at any time during or after the download and use of these files.

You can either download the complete package here

Complete Package      
This zip file contains all the downloadable files below.


Download the individual items here

Nardeen Keyboard      
This zip file contains the program files for installing the Nardeen Keyboard as well as a printable pdf file showing the keyboard layout.


This zip file contains pdf files with instructions for setting up Syriac on Windows XP, installing the nardeen Keyboard, and installing the fonts.


ES Nohadra  

ES Nohadra Outline  

Under Development

ES Nohadra Dotted  

Under Development

ES Nohadra Italic  

Under Development

ES Estrangeli  



ES Nusardeil  



ES Barseen  



ES Nahrain  



ES Nsibin  



ES Dinkha  



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